Vizio sound bar remote not working : solution

Vizio sound bar remote not working

Imagine grabbing your popcorns on one hand and Vizio soundbar remote on the other than seated on the sofa ready to watch your favorite show only to find that the remote is not working. Quite frustrating, right? Well, as good a quality as Vizio products is, they are bound to give in like most electronics once in a while.

Fortunately, I’ve already done all the heavy lifting for you. Being someone who as put up with a Vizio sound bar remote not working in the past, I do have a fix for this. The problem could be anything but the good news is that you can get it working again quite fast.

That being said, let’s go ahead and have a look at some of the things you could do to get the remote working again.

How good is the Vizio soundbar?

Rather than using your TV’s internal speakers, getting a soundbar is much better. Considering most TVs are slimmer nowadays, a soundbar greatly betters the sound. Though rather compact, most Vizio soundbars are feature-packed.

Not only do they allow HDMI connectivity but also wireless connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They also come in multiple channels, are easy to set up and have remote connectivity.

vizio sound bar remote not working : How to fix ?

Each soundbar from Vizio comes with its remote. It is with this that you will be able to power up your soundbar and adjust the volume and other settings.

Just in case there is no response as expected from the soundbar, here are some of the steps you can take to fix this.

Step 1: Check the line of sight

The first thing you’ll want to do is check the line of sight of the remote and the sound bar. More specifically, you need to have a straight line of sight between the remote and the infrared sensor on the soundbar.

The working behind remote-controlled devices is that once the IR sensor on the device receives the signal, the soundbar executes the command sent. Depending on your set up, you could have something blocking this line of sight. Anything in front of the soundbar could be doing this. It is because of this that you should always remove any objects that could be causing interference.

To make things easier, you could use the remote at a distance that is no less than 10 feet from the soundbar. Additionally, aim at the center of the sound bar since this is where the sensor is on most models.

Step 2: power cycle the remote

The next thing you’ll want to do is power cycle your remote and here’s how:

  • First, take the batteries out of the remote.
  • Check for any stuck buttons by pressing each button at least once.
  • Insert the batteries in the remote
  • Check to see if it’s working.

Step 3: remote replacement

In most cases, doing a power cycle could fix the issue. If it didn’t, chances are that the batteries are dead and need to be replaced. It is recommended that you always replace the remote with a new pair of batteries. As it turns out, the generic AA or AAA batteries won’t do the trick as they do in most remotes. Vizio sound bar remotes use the CR2025.

Before doing a battery replacement, check the original batteries and ensure that you replace them with the exact model. Doing otherwise could end up damaging the remote completely.

Step 4: Check for Bluetooth applications

If you are confident that the batteries are working and have tried steps 1 and 2 with no success, it’s time to check Bluetooth connectivity.

On most Vizio soundbars is a built-in Bluetooth capability. This allows you to connect other devices to the sound bar via Bluetooth. As much as wireless connectivity is amazing, you may not always be able to control content streaming to the sound bar using the remote.

Some streaming applications like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora won’t support all the Vizio buttons. Because of this, buttons like back won’t work. As such, your remote could be okay but the compatibility may be an issue.

Step 5: Power cycle the soundbar

If nothing has worked so far, it’s time you tried power cycling the sound bar itself. You can do this by turning it off and disconnecting it from the power outlet.

Once disconnected, press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds then release it. Plug the soundbar back in and turn it on using the button on the soundbar. Once up and running, test the remote again to see if it works.

In most cases, power cycling the sound bar might be the fix. If this is so, then the problem is probably a software update is needed which you should do ASAP since even if the remote will be working, it may fail later on unless an update is run.

Step 6: Try using a different remote

If unfortunately, nothing has done the trick so far, it’s probably time to get a remote replacement. If you happen to have a Vizio TV, try using that remote and it will probably work. Most Vizio TV remotes are compatible with the sound bar as well.

Alternatively, before replacing the TV remote, it would be wise to try testing another Vizio remote before purchasing a new one.

If the remote still isn’t working, you could try redeeming your active warranty. In this case, you could get either the soundbar or the remote checked out based on the kind of warranty you have on your sound bar.

Final verdict

No need to put up with a Vizio soundbar remote not working anymore. With the above fixes, it should be able easy enough to get your remote working again. I would, however, recommend that if your warranty is still active and not void, you’d be better off redeeming it than trying to fix it.

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