Toro Lawn Mower Rear Wheel Drive Problems – 2021 Guides

Toro Lawn Mower Rear Wheel Drive Problems

You can effortlessly propel your lawn mower in the garden, yard, or other places. But, if there is something wrong with the front-wheel drive, no matter how hard you push, you will not be able to move the mower an inch.

Don’t freak out yet. There might be something inside the drive that is worn or torn out. Depending on the condition, you can fix the issue by repairing or replacing the malfunctioned accessories.

This article will discuss Toro lawn mower rear wheel drive problems, why does it happen, and what are the possible solutions to this issue.

What Is Toro Lawn Mower?

Toro is an American company that manufactures turf maintenance related equipment and precision irrigation systems such as lawn mowers, water-saving irrigation systems, and snow blowers.

They supply this equipment as well as accessories for commercial and residential yards, gardens, sports fields, golf courses, public parks, and agricultural fields. Their lawn mower section is enriched with various types of mowers with a different variety that serves different purposes.

The company was founded in 1914 to build engines for the Bull tractor company. And later on, they came out with more services and products.

Toro Lawn Mower Rear Wheel Drive Problems

The mower cannot propel due to some reasons. It can be some technical failure, defect in any accessory, or poor maintenance issue. Here are some common reasons associated with the issue

V-Belt Problem

When the V-belt rotates the pulleys, your Toro lawn mower propels. The mower primarily relies on this belt to move and turn the wheels. This is the very first place that you need to inspect whenever you face this issue.

A worn, torn, and the slippery belt won’t be able to control the wheel. If your mower’s wheel drive isn’t functioning properly, maybe because the belt is broken, got stretched over time, and off the pulley.

You need to examine the belt closely and check if it’s frayed or worn. If the belt has noticeable damage, consider changing the belt. The mower will propel again.

Build-up of Excessive Debris

It happens for an obvious reason. As you are dealing with turfs, it’s normal that the mower would take some amount of debris at the bottom of the deck as well as around the wheels. The collected grass clippings harden over time, which puts obstacles for the self-propulsion feature of your mower.

This is where you must ensure regular maintenance and basic cleaning. If you haven’t been cleaning your mower since how long you don’t even remember, there is an excessive amount of debris that is causing the issue.

The solution is to disconnect the spark plug and turn the machine over to clean out all debris, grass clippings, rocks, or twigs that are lodged to the belt and wheel system.

Malfunctioning of Drive Cable

Your Toro self-propel lawn mower depends on the propel drive cable to be able to move the machine with front-wheel. So, if there is anything wrong with the wire, the propelling system will malfunction. Check if the cable is okay, there could be some tear on its surface.

The easiest fix to this problem is to replace the cable. All you need is to loosen the nut located on the handle, pull the jacket towards the engine to make it taut and slack-free. Put back the support nut into its place.

Operator Error

If this is your first time with a propelling lawn mower, the way you are using the machine may be the issue here. There are two separate bars of Toro mowers handle. The topmost bar is to control the blade. When you start the mower, you need to pull it. If you want to stop the blade as well as the engine, release the bar.

Another one is the self-propelling bar. Once the engine starts, you need to squeeze the bar towards the handle to activate this self-propelling feature. When you are done, simply release the bar to disable the front-wheel drive.

Drive Pulley

This part of the mower connects the crankshaft to the engine. When the pulley is broken or worn out, the transmission is unable to assemble the wheel. Closely inspect the drive pulley as well. If you find any damage, replacing is the only solution here.

Wheel Assembly

Wheel assembly includes a number of gears that are engaged with drive gear transmission.

Transmission fails to engage the assembly if any of the gears are worn out. If this is the case, you need to replace the entire wheel assembly.


The drive belt is behind the transmission, which is also connected to the crankshaft. Your lawn mower’s wheels turn when the belt powers the transmission. If the transmission is defective, it affects the propelling performance of the machine.

Defective transmission can cause various issues. Sometimes, the transmission allows the pulley to spin, but the wheels don’t turn. Also, when the transmission pulley doesn’t spin, it also contributes to the wheel drive issue.

Unfortunately, you cannot repair the transmission; it’s not repairable. If this is the case with your lawn mower, consider replacing the part.

Traction Control Cable

The rear-wheel-drive system doesn’t work when the traction cable is broken or misadjusted. Check the cable, whether it’s able to move freely. If it’s not, then squirt some oil into the cable’s end to lubricate further.

You will need to find a replacement for the traction control cable if lubricating doesn’t work.

Final Words

Toro lawn mower rear wheel drive problems primarily occur due to poor maintenance. If you want to prevent the issue, be sure to clean the bottom deck of the machine on a regular basis.

Also, check the internal parts periodically to figure out any tearing or worn out accessories.
However, you might need to replace some parts if they are damaged.

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