Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Pros and Cons – 2021 Explained!

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Pros and Cons

One of the things that motorbikers debate about, whether they should use exhaust wrap or not. Like most other motorbike accessories, exhaust wrap comes with some advantages that some people think they are worth having.

However, there are some downsides, as well.

If you just got your new bike, and want to make everything perfect when it’s about the maintenance of the bike, you probably think whether to add the wrap or not.

This article will tell you about motorcycle exhaust wrap pros and cons, help you to decide whether you should approach for it or not.

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Pros and Cons

Exhaust wrap is of fiberglass or composite fabric that wraps around your motorbike exhaust system components. You will have the option to decide which part to wrap using it. The wrap is available in different colors, white, black, silver, tan, etc. You can also custom paint the wrap as you like.

Now, let’s jump straight onto the topic –


Reduces Temperature

One of the primary reasons why people consider adding such a wrap around the exhaust tube is to reduce the engine temperature. It dissipates away the heat from the engine to some extent and keeps the exhaust pipe well-functioned.

The wrap helps to push out smoke and heat from the engine and prolongs the lifespan of the exhaust pipe as well. Without it, the heat inside the exhaust tube will bake-off and make its way back through metal onto the engine. But when you have it, the engine will be able to run in a cooler state; thus, it will perform efficiently.

Prevents Exhaust Tube from Cooling Down

To ensure the efficiency and performance of the engine, the temperature of the exhaust pipe needs to remain high. This is something you cannot achieve without using an exhaust wrap.

As the wrap is of metal, it remains reasonably high temperature, so does the exhaust pipe that it wraps around. The high heat allows exhaust gases to move fast. As a result, the engine is able to release gases into the air smoothly.

Maintains a Cosmetic Look

Due to constant heat, the exhaust system gets discolored, which ruins your bike’s appearance. When you have an exhaust wrap, it will cover up the blemishes, and protect them from discoloring, and give it a cosmetic look, which you will like.

No Feet Burning

How many times you accidentally burn your feet touching the exhaust pipe? I’m sure a considerable number of people can relate to this problem. Lots of people burn ankles as well as expensive boots in this way.

Wrapping the exhaust pipe protects your leg and feet from burning. However, the wrap will still be hot to touch, but it will significantly reduce the chance of burning.

Preserves Internal Parts

An exhaust wrap can pull the heat away from some internal parts of the system. Too much heat reduces the efficiency and performance of moving parts. When you use the wrap, it will reduce the heat significantly, increase the performance, and lifespan of different parts of the motorbike.

Ease of Installation

You can easily install the wrap around the pipe. It will not cost you an additional charge. Roughly, it will take an hour or less to install the wrap. That means, within an hour, you are making a huge difference considering overall performance, protecting the parts, maintaining the exhaust pipe’s appearance, and more.

The price is relatively cheaper than other bike accessories.


You can decide which part of the exhaust system you want to wrap. So, you have the option of going with wrapping the entire pipe or some part of it. To match with the color of your bike, there are many color options available as well.


Now, at this stage, you might be wondering, if an exhaust wrap brings all these advantages that directly linked with the performance of the bike, why on earth people disagree about installing one?
Well, before making up your mind, consider its cons as well so that you don’t regret after buying one.

Needs to be Installed Properly

People that complained about the wrap mostly addressed to the point that it will ruin your motorbike’s appearance.

Although it’s true, the blame is upon themselves. You need to install the wrap exactly right; otherwise, improper installation will not look great; in fact, it will make your motorcycle look worse.

The Permanent Check Marks

This problem is a bigger one. Once you install the wrap and use it for a few hours on a running motorbike, it will leave check marks on the pipe. The fiber on the wrap is responsible for this.
However, some silicone beforehand sprays are reported to remove the marks; surely, it will not return exactly to its previous state.

Prone to Rust

If you are not careful about the maintenance of the bike, this downside will change your mind. When water gets its way in between the wrap and pipe, it will rust the pipe. It happens when people don’t ride their bikes regularly, and water somehow reaches there.


When you start the bike, the exhaust pipe gets hot, and it causes the wrap to smell bad that lasts for a while. Although it’s a normal curing process, it doesn’t seem pleasant to riders. After a few hours of riding, the smell will disappear on its own; but, there is nothing to stop it initially.

Final Words

Despite knowing about all the cons that wrap brings, a huge number of people still prefer installing one on the pipe due to the benefits it offers. Now that you know motorcycle exhaust wrap pros and cons, hope that there is no confusion regarding this matter.

If you think the advantages matter a lot to you, consider getting one. However, if the disadvantages are seeming major to you, then it’s not worth investing in one.

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