Fender Super Champ XD Vs X2 : Ultimate Guitar Amp

Fender Super Champ XD Vs X2

I’m quite positive that as far as enjoying or creating music is concerned, the guitar stands out to be one of the most common instruments, right? As much as they are on their own really amazing, the need of a guitar combo amplifier may arise when you need to improve your skill or need one for a guitar gig.

So, I’m guessing that you’re new to guitar combo amps if you’re here which is why today, I’ll narrow down on the Fender super champ XD vs X2. Both are from the same brand and amazing products but with their differences which is exactly why we’re here today.

Here’s a comparison between these two bad boys.

Fender super champ XD vs X2 – what are they?

PictureFender AmpEditor RatingDetails

Fender Super Champ X25 StarCheck Price

Fender Super Champ XD5 StarCheck Price

To clear things out before we have a look on the differences and similarities, I’d first like to talk a little bit more on what these are.

Over the years, Fender have stood out as one of the top brands in the production of guitar amplifiers. The same have been used in professional recordings since they get you better sound qualities.

Both of the designs aloe for a great tonal variation and versatile amplifier voicing pallets which is aimed at getting you the best of your practice or recording sessions as you use your guitar. As a matter of fact, there’s very little difference between these two which then brings us to the next section- the comparison.

Power rating

Starting off with one of the most important feature of any amplifier, let’s have a look at the power rating between the two and who either of them is meant for.

On both the Fender Super Champ XD and X2, the tube power amplifier is rated at 15 watts which is quite impressive. Considering that the lifetime of power tubes is short, each of these bad boys have a single 12AX7 preamp tube alongside the pair of 6v6 power tubes.

This being the case, despite the expected lifetime of power tubes being about 2 years, either of these will be operational for much longer.

Amp speaker

Besides the power rating, yet another critical feature I normally pay attention to when choosing an amplifier is the speaker design. Yet again, on both of these models, you’ll be getting a 10” speaker each of which is a special design from Fender.

As it turns out, either of the models held up really well in getting me a decent sound output on different effects which we’ll talk about later on.

What blew my mind about the speakers on these bad boys is that despite their small size, the fact that they had an 8-ohm impedance. Though this is not the lowest you can get on a guitar combo amplifier, it should be enough if you’re using one for your first time.

Physical measurements and dimensions

When it comes to the appearance, you will hardly be able to tell the two apart. Each one of them have got the controls at the front face and a handle on top that is made of molded plastic strap with nickel plated caps.

For the weight, both the Fender super champ XD and X2 weigh 10kgs which is a little too heavy but considering they both pack a punch, this won’t really be a problem, right? On to the measurements, there’s very little difference between the two. Whereas the XD measures 38cm x 45cm x 22.9cm, the X2 measures 38cm x 44cm x 23.3cm

Digital connectivity and audio capabilities

When it comes to versatility, any guitar enthusiast would want to be able to do as much as possible on their guitar, right? Because of this, let’s see how much you should be able to do with each of these guitar amps.

Starting with the similarities, you’ll be getting both an input and output line on either of them which allows you to hook up the amplifier to an external speaker and work with your guitar from there as well. Additionally, either of them rocks a dual channel tube of 15 watts and they’ve got channel switching capability as well with an optional foot switch capability.

The only difference in the outputs is that on the X2, you’ll be getting a USB output for better digital connectivity which unfortunately is absent on the XD.

The voicing knobs

It’s quite obvious that the main reason of getting a guitar amplifier is to get variable sound outputs and in the long run have better audio quality. So, to ensure this, each of these amplifiers comes with voicing knobs.

For the XD, you’ll be getting a voicing knob that’s got 16 different preamp voices which just so happens to be amazing regardless of the style of music you’re interested in.

On the other hand, the X2 is one short on this since it’s got 15 preamp voices. On either of the models however, you’ll have effect level control with which you’ll theoretically be able to do anything whether you’re practicing in your studio or using it for a guitar gig.

The hardware design

The final thing we’ll be talking about on both of these amplifiers is the design. Starting with the X2, you’ll be getting a black textured Vinyl for the amplifier covering. On the front face are the buttons and controls below which is a silver grille cloth that protects the speaker within.

On the rear are the input and output connectors together with the USB output port as well as the power switch and power connector port.

For the XD, the design is pretty much the same with the only difference being that there’s no USB output

Final verdict

We’re done with the Fender super champ xd vs x2 product reviews and comparison and I’ve got to say that choosing between the two is kind of a hard choice to make. They’re pretty much the same with very little difference, the performance of either of them is amazing and once you wrap your head around the controls, either will prove to be an amp worth every penny.

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