Best spot welder for batteries – absolute finding in 2021

Best Spot Welder for Batteries

Spot welding generally involves using heat to join two metal surfaces. The heat is normally generated directly at the interface by utilizing heat from the resistance of the metal to the flow of electric current.

When it comes to batteries, you cannot just use any spot welder since the heat may be too much and result in unnecessary accidents.

Because of this, you must get the best spot welder for batteries which allow you to safely join a few batteries together.These, unfortunately, aren’t easy to come by since you’ll need to be keen on the kind of batteries you’re working on- they could be mobile phone batteries, AA batteries or any other kind.

At the end of the day, the idea is to get a welder safe enough to get you through your projects without any risk of injury. Let’s cut to the chase and see what they’re all about.

PictureSpot Welder for BatteriesEditor RatingDetails

SUNKKO S788H-USB Precision Pulse Spot Welder5 StarCheck Price

Mophorn 709AD+ Pulse Spot Welder 0.3mm 4.9 StarCheck Price

TFCFL High Power AC110V 3KW Battery Spot Welder4.8 StarCheck Price

SUNKKO 737G+ Battery Spot Welder4.9 StarCheck Price

LiFuJunDong Hand Held Spot Welder5 StarCheck Price

SUNKKO 709AD 15KVA High Power Battery Spot Welder4.9 StarCheck Price

Mophorn 788H-USB Pulse Spot Welder4.9 StarCheck Price

Best spot welder for batteries reviews

After researching and testing a bunch of spot welders from the top brands in the market, I was able to sample out 7 of the best which I’ll be talking about in this battery spot welder review.

1. SUNKKO S788H-USB Precision Pulse Spot Welder

SUNKKO S788H-USB Precision Pulse Spot Welder

It’s not in vain that SUNKKO has got some of the battery spot welders. With the S788H, you will, for starters, be able to use it in the battery of mobile phones and tablets which is something that not most spot welders could be able to do.

As far as repairing and testing is concerned, you should conveniently be able to check battery charge, check the charging current value and circuit board plus it’s got the charging protection function in mobile power.

For the power outlets, the S788H features an amazing 3 standard USB outlets each of which is rated at 5 volts. For the electric current output, the largest attainable value is 3A. By having this much at your disposal, it should be no problem whatsoever to work on your DIY projects.

Now, who is it meant for? Considering the requirement of earth leakage circuit breaker is higher than 4 amperes, I wouldn’t recommend that you use this at home


  • Has special Micro USB for power banks
  • Includes a unique welding pressure adjuster
  • Has gotmultiple pulse options


  • It’s not recommended for heavy metalwork

2. Mophorn 709AD+ Pulse Spot Welder 0.3mm Battery Welding Machine

Mophorn 709AD+ Pulse Spot Welder 0.3mm

When safety is a priority, this is going to be a worthy investment. With the double LED high-brightness lighting device on the welding electrode for low light use or low vision persons hence making operation easy.

In addition to having a high level of safety observed, it does have a precise pressure regulator. The welding pin can have the pressure on it adjusted from 300g-750g. This way, you should conveniently be able to work on workspaces that have got different thicknesses.

For the operation, there’s a swift current knob included that allows you to quickly select the current with utmost efficiency. In addition to this, it should work well enough for quick adjustment welding of soldering pieces that have got different thicknesses.

With the radiator having an RPM of 4100, there is a built-in smart chip that prevents overheating damage to the welder as well as automatic short-point protection hence preventing overheating while welding. This, as it turns out makes it easy to process thicker nickel strips.


  • Has an adjustable welding pressure
  • Includes an efficient current setting knob
  • Includes LED lighting function


  • It’s not ideal for use on heavier metals

3. TFCFL High Power AC110V 3KW Battery Spot Welding Machine

TFCFL High Power AC110V 3KW Battery Spot Machine

Need a good enough battery pack for cylindrical or polymer batteries? This is a worthy investment. Additionally, besides supporting 18650 lithium batteries, it’s also ideal for stainless steel sheets, nickel-plated sheets and other kinds of welds.

One of the features that make this stand out from others in its class is the upgraded design which has got extended bracket type and extended welding distance. Additionally, there is a precise spot welding capability that comes with a footswitch which is quite impressive.

As far as its application is concerned, this should be eligible enough to use on laptop battery, digital camera battery pack, electric tool battery pack modification, and repair plus plenty more. Thanks to the 3KW high power rating for weldments within .15mm.

You can also be able to adjust the welding current up to 99% for different kinds of tasks. The pulse adjustment, on the other hand, can be set between 01 and 06.


  • Has got a pulse and delay adjustment option
  • Comes with a high 3KW power rating
  • Features an extended bracket and welding distance


  • Be sure to observe the recommended safety precautions before use

4. SUNKKO 737G+ Battery Spot Welder

SUNKKO 737G+ Battery Spot Welder

Yet another one from SUNKKO is the 737G+ which is also a worthy spot welder to use on 18650 14500 lithium-Ion batteries. With the included new welding panel design that can be used with a welding pen, you’ll have improved the efficiency of the welding process.

Speaking of efficiency, there’s a built-in temperature sensor with an intelligent cooling system which will work automatically according to the internal temperature of the machine.

Other than the welding pen with foot pedal, you can also use a fixed welding head with a foot pedal or use a mobile welding pen without a foot pedal. Depending on what your welding demands are, you should be able to handle any spot welds conveniently.

For the adjustments, the welding current can be adjusted between 1 and 99 level option whereas the pulse quantity can be adjusted between level 2 and 18. There is also a pressure knob that regulates pressure between the copper welding rods and nickel strip.


  • Allows for multiple welding options
  • Solder temperature heats up to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Includes a built-in temperature sensor and cooling system


  • Take your time to master the different welding modes to avoid any inconveniences

5. LiFuJunDong Hand Held Spot Welder

LiFuJunDong Hand Held Spot Welder Battery

When portability with convenience is a priority, this ought to be one of the best spot welders you could get your hands on. With a net weight of only 4.3kgs and measurements of 140245200mm, you could pretty much have it anywhere.

The voltage input is rated at AC110V but it’s important that you check the best-suited voltage to use on your machine and the primary current, on the other hand, is 2-15A.

With the welding current being between 50A-800A with the width of the 1 pulse being between .5 and 5ms and that of 2 pulses being between 1-10ms, you couldn’t go wrong with this.

The working cycle is less than 20 times per minute for intermittent welding and you can use it for a welding thickness that’s between 0.05 and 0.2mm


  • Has got an input voltage of 110V
  • Weighs 4.3kg for utmost portability
  • The welding thickness is between 0.05 and 0.2mm


  • You might want to do some modifications for the higher voltage for better welding

6. SUNKKO 709AD 15KVA High Power Battery Spot Welder

SUNKKO 709AD 15KVA High Power Battery Spot Welder

Coming up second last is the SUNKKO 709AD which is an upgrade to the 709A. With this upgrade, there’s a microcomputer chip control precision pulse management and welding energy management for better welding consistency. It also boasts a 3-in-1 welding design for fixed and spot welding design to adapt to small parts of welding.

For safety, there’s a humanized welding needle lighting LED which will be resourceful in low lighting conditions. It’s also worth pointing out that there is a precise temperature controller for wide temperature ranges that makes this suitable for different materials.

For consistency, it is equipped with a precision balance that is easy to master hence making it easy to handle different kinds of welds. You can also quickly and easily adjust the pulse current knob for the utmost convenience.


  • Excellent temperature control
  • Features a precision balance on the welding pen
  • Has a quick-adjust pulse current knob


  • It’s not recommended for heavy-duty welding

7. Mophorn 788H-USB Pulse Spot Welder

Mophorn 788H-USB Pulse Spot Welder 0.25mm

With the included LED lights on the welding electrodes, safety and ease of use will both be paramount on the 788H-USB. To add on to this, there is a precise pressure regulator that can be adjusted between 300 and 750g to work on welding pieces of different thicknesses.

Considering it’s for a 3-digit USB output port with an output capacity of 3A, it can be used for charging aging as well as testing for three charging treasures simultaneously. Also, by combining a knob-type quick-set pulse group of 16 pulses, you’ll have high-current slow-speed welding mode that’s ideal for thick-cell battery sheet soldering.

In addition to the functionality, it’s for a compact body shape with a convenient carry handle which makes it easy to move considering its light. It also does have a wide application on various sizes of battery packs, button battery, polymer battery, protection board, apple mobile phone camera and plenty more.


  • Features a precise pressure regulator
  • Includes a reliable 16-pulse quick set knob
  • Includes a double LED high brightness welding electrode


  • It’s a little underpowered for greater than .15 pure nickel welds

Uses of spot welder machines

Before we call it a day, how about we have a look at some of the ways via which you could best put your spot welder to use?

  • Spot welders are used in the creating of dental braces by dentists
  • In repair shops, spot welding is used to put together broken metallic parts
  • In battery manufacturing, spot welding is used in the combination of different metallic elements
  • Electronic experts prefer to use spot welding on PCBs, connectors, switches or cables
  • In large scale vehicle manufacturing, spot welding is utilized to put together car parts with the aid of robots for safety purposes.
  • Spot welding is preferred when handling critical welding processes where too much temperature may be a safety hazard

Final verdict

There you go- choosing the best spot welder for batteries should now be a breeze with the review above at your disposal. By getting the best of safety and convenience, you can now confidently be able to work out your DIY projects.

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