Best guitar strap for Gibson sg – 2021’s best

Best guitar strap for Gibson sg

Mastering how to use a guitar is relatively easy but at the same time, comfort plays a huge role in how well you’ll play which is where guitar accessories come in.

One of the most overlooked guitar accessories in the market is a guitar strap. Though it’s just a simple piece of sown up fabric, it gives you an impressive play performance, especially if you’ll be playing while standing up.

With the best guitar strap for Gibson sg, it will be easy to hold it up and shift the weight when the need is to get the best sounds coming out of it.

PictureGuitar strapEditor RatingDetails

Gibson Gear ASCL-BRN The Classic Brown Leather with Suede Back5 StarCheck Price

Legato Guitar Strap 3 Inches Wide Double Padded Soft Leather5 StarCheck Price

Gibson Split-Diamond Guitar Strap (Black)5 StarCheck Price

Walker & Williams G-28 Chestnut Brown Semi-Gloss Bullnose Guitar Strap4.9 StarCheck Price

Levy’s Leathers Suede Guitar Strap with Sheepskin Padding; Brown 4.9 StarCheck Price

Gibson ‘The Slingshot’ Guitar Strap5 StarCheck Price

Best guitar strap for Gibson sg – reviews

As a novice, it’s important to know which straps are out there, which is what we’ll be looking at today. But, if you don’t have time to read through to the end.

1. Gibson Gear ASCL-BRN The Classic Brown Leather with Suede Back

Gibson Gear ASCL-BRN The Classic Brown Leather with Suede Back

Everyone would love a guitar strap that has more to it than just it’s looks, right? With the Gibson Gear ASCL-BRN, you’ll have more than just it’s striking aesthetics since it is built to make you the best guitarist you could ever become.

First, it comes with a ball glove leather construction which features a soft suede backing. As far as comfort is concerned, you couldn’t do any better than this. Additionally, it features a classic brown look which should look well irrespective of your guitar color.

Even better:

The Gibson Gear ASCL-BRN has got one of the best adjustments you could get on any guitar. The length can be adjusted between 48 and 60 inches which makes this strap comfortable to use while seated or standing up. The downside, however, is that it doesn’t have strap buttons and should take some time getting used to

With quality being a major factor in guitar strap designs, this guitar strap has a contour stitching which is both strong and comfortable


  • The length is adjustable between 48 and 60 inches
  • Comes with a contour stitching
  • Features quality ball glove leather


  • It has got a strong leather smell

2. Legato Guitar Strap 3 Inches Wide Double Padded Soft Leather

Legato Guitar Strap 3 Inches Wide Double Padded Soft Leather

From the genuine leather design to the user-friendly adjustments, this guitar strap can be used by persons of average and tall height which makes it quite impressive.

The strap is 3 inches wide and can be adjusted from 50 to 57 inches so it’s usable as you seat and when standing plus it allows for equal weight distribution on your shoulder

By featuring a combination of professionalism and unmatched beauty, this strap has a 2-tone finish and a stitching pattern that stands out without compromising the durability. Additionally, it can be used on any kind of guitar ranging from the classical and acoustics to the heavy and electric bass guitars.

Comfort is always a priority…

The whole point of getting a guitar strap is to get comfort at its best, right? To ensure this, the edges are dual padded and rounded. Due to their super soft nature, it will not dig into your shoulder which makes it the best companion to have on short practice sessions or long gigs.


  • Has dual padding and rounded edges
  • It’s made out of genuine leather with 50-57-inch adjustment
  • Has a 2-tone brown finish with quality stitching


  • The strap has an unpleasant odor

3. Gibson Split-Diamond Guitar Strap (Black)

Gibson Split-Diamond Guitar Strap (White)

Also available in the white color this guitar strap, like any other from Gibson, sports an above-average design and performance.

First things first, it has got a genuine leather design which gives you durability at its best. Additionally, this guitar strap is hand made by experts which means that with every single one put out in the market, quality and precision will be at their best. This is, without doubt, the dream of every guitar enthusiast, right?

Last but not least, the width of this strap is 2.25” whereas the length can be adjusted between 37 and 56 inches. In a nutshell, it should be comfortable enough for long performances or basic practice and can also be used by persons of different heights with equal comfort levels.


  • It’s handmade with utmost precision
  • Features a durable genuine leather construction
  • Adjustable between
  • 37 and 56 inches


  • The holes are narrow and need to be worn in a little bit

4. Walker & Williams G-28 Chestnut Brown Semi-Gloss Bullnose Guitar Strap

Walker & Williams G-28 Chestnut Brown Semi-Gloss Bullnose Guitar Strap

The Walker & Williams G-28 is a premium guitar strap that is not only built for performance and durability but will make your guitar stand out in the room.

First, it features a padded back glove leather back that is super comfortable. As such, it should be comfortable when you’ll be using it while standing on long performances and be equally as good if you’ll be using it just for basic practice.


The guitar can be adjusted between 43 and 52 inches which means it’s going to be comfortable for use by people of average and tall height.

To add to the comfort, it is 2.75 inches wide which is just wide enough for the belt not to dig into your shoulder and not too large for it to be unstable. It’s also got a one-piece top welt for security, stability, and comfort.

For durability, this guitar strap comes with end caps with a double reinforcement plus the fact that it is hand made means that it has been constructed with utmost precision for ultimate durability.


  • Has got a width of 2.75 inches
  • Comes with double reinforced end caps
  • Features a comfortable padded leather back


  • The appearance is a little too shiny

5. Levy’s Leathers Suede Guitar Strap with Sheepskin Padding; Brown (MS26SS-BRN)

Levy's Leathers Suede Guitar Strap

Coming up second last on our reviews is the MS26SS-BRN which you can get in either the brown, black, honey or rust color all of which are amazing as we’ll find out later on.

First, it can be adjusted between 48 and 56 inches which gives anyone (tall, short or average in height) enough allowance to use it seated or standing without compromising comfort. As for the width, it’s 2.5 inches which is more than comfortable.

For the adjustments, it comes with feed-through adjusts that not only gives you an amazing playing height but gives you a comfortable wrist position. As far as using it is concerned, you can have it attached to electric guitars, basses, and acoustics

For the padding, it’s got a sheepskin which is extra soft and made from authentic sheepskin that gives you amazing support and comfort. The ends are also made of durable suede that has got reinforced stitching so you get long-lasting security on your guitar. It’s also hand-crafted so attention is paid to detail with every strap.


  • Has free-through adjusts from 48 to 57 inches
  • Features an extra soft sheepskin padding
  • Includes reinforced high-quality suede ends


  • Ensure it locks onto your guitar well enough before purchase

6. Gibson ‘The Slingshot’ Guitar Strap

Gibson 'The Slingshot' Guitar Strap

Finishing our reviews is the slingshot from Gibson Gear. With this strap, you’ll be getting a design that is one of a kind which, even though unconventional, does not compromise on comfort and overall performance. First, it features a sleek and smooth leather design with suede for the backing which means aesthetics will be amazing.

For the adjustments, it can be adjusted between 48 inches and 60 inches which makes it ideal for use while seated or standing and also comfortable enough for use by persons of different height.

For a snug fit, the slingshot has got a stretch feature while at the same time, the leather used on this bad boy is scratch-resistant so durability won’t be compromised whatsoever. With the strap being made of top grain leather and coming in black, it will look and feel good at all times.


  • The length is adjustable between 48 and 60 inches
  • Made of sleek and smooth leather with suede backing
  • It’s got a stretch and scratch-resistant feature


  • The wider parts are a little too stiff

Final verdict

It’s been a good one and it is finally time to wrap up our review of the best guitar strap for Gibson sg. Either of these straps should be a perfect match for your image and brand while at the same time giving you comfort at its best. As far as adjustments go, either of the 6 above will be usable by pretty much anyone.

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