Best Brake Pads for Harley Davidson Touring – Top 6

Best Brake Pads for Harley Davidson Touring

Most people don’t think their bike’s brake pads require much attention, so they can settle with just about any replacement as long as it fits.

While a faulty brake may not always translate to a faulty pad, the chances are that your brakes won’t work properly if there’s a problem with the pads.

This is why it’s important to choose the right brake pads in order to ensure you are able to stop safely.

If you’re looking for the best brake pads for Harley Davidson touring bikes, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve reviewed the best models out there based on testing and user rating. Also, we provided a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

So, if you’re up for it, let’s get started!

PictureBrake PadsEditor RatingDetails

Carbon Fiber Brake Pads ECCPP Motorcycle Replacement Pads5 StarCheck Price

EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad5 StarCheck Price

Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered Brake Pads4.8 StarCheck Price

ECCPP FA400 Front and Rear Replacement Brake Pads Kits5 StarCheck Price

Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Brake Pads4.9 StarCheck Price

EBC Brakes FA400HH Disc Brake Pad Set5 StarCheck Price

6 Best Brake Pads for Harley Davidson Touring

Following is a review of the top six contenders currently available.

1. Carbon Fiber Brake Pads ECCPP Motorcycle Replacement Braking Pads

Carbon Fiber Brake Pads ECCPP Motorcycle Replacement Front and Rear Braking Pads

To kick off our list is the Kevlar Carbon Replacement Brake Pads by ECCCP. Made with carbon fiber and Kevlar, these brake pads are designed to provide exceptional stopping power even in the toughest conditions.

Although it will favor most models in the touring series, it is specifically designed for 2008 – 2014 Harley Davidson FLHTCU. And it’s arguably the strongest brake pads in this category.

The kit comes with six pads altogether, which are divided into three pairs for the front and back breaks. And the use of carbon and Kevlar materials for body construction allows for a smooth ride and quiet performance.

You also get a predictable brake response and superb fingertip control regardless of the road type.
Even though these are organic pads, they still have a long life due to the use of high-strength fibers, which increases their thermal stability and resistance to abrasion. They are also resistant to corrosion.

Organic pads are generally considered to be fairly durable; however, these brake pads take a step further.

You can use the pads in all weather conditions.


  • No rotor galling when stopping
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Ideal for all-weather types
  • Noise-free


  • Only compatible with Harley touring bikes

2. EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad

EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad

Another brake pad that tops the chart when it comes to safety and performance is the Complete Double-H. Made by EBC Brakes, these brake pads are designed to deliver reliable performance in all weather conditions.

They are not only popular among Harley users but also trusted for their quality and durability. In fact, they’ve been rated and approved by ECE and ECB, and are TUV tested. So, you can rest assured they will deliver.

The major highlight of these pads is their quality. Made from high-performance sintered metal, these pads can withstand any type of weather or road. They are engineered to last longer than most pads in the same category. Their ultra-high friction capability will significantly increase your braking power.

Overall, we think this brake pads kit is anything but a deal-breaker. They are without doubts one of the best brake pads for Harley Davidson touring bikes. We cannot recommend them enough.

It will also interest you to know that the pads are made in the US, so you can rely on their quality and safety. They will work with most bikes in the Harley touring glide series.


  • Reliable performance and safety
  • High build quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Ultra-high friction for increased braking power


  • Pads often squeak

3. Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered Brake Pads

Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered Brake Pads

Next on our list of the best brake pads for Harley Davidson touring is the Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered Brake Pads. This is a dual brake pad that comes in three sets.

They are made of sintered metal material, which guarantees their performance even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, they offer high friction and thermal stability to improve braking power significantly.

You can expect the pads to last a long time – longer than many similar sintered metal models. And this is mainly due to its design and superior build quality.

They are best used as a replacement for the front and rear calipers on a Harley touring bike, specifically 2000-20007 FLTR models and FLTR-I Road Glide.

It will also interest you to know that these pads are environmentally friendly and so are safe in every way. Grub screws are provided with the front pads to make them fit securely.

Overall, this is an affordable pad pair that promises to deliver excellent power to your vehicle. We highly recommend it.


  • Excellent stopping power
  • Great for all weather
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Only for Harley 6 speed transmission gear

4. ECCPP FA400 Front and Rear Replacement Brake Pads Kits

ECCPP FA400 Front and Rear Carbon Fiber Replacement Brake Pads

It’s always wiser to purchase from an established brand. This gives you more guarantee on quality and performance.

ECCPP has always been one of the most reputable brands in the auto parts industry, so it’s not surprising we’re featuring their product a second time.

The ECCPP replacement pads represent some of the best brake pads for Harley Davidson touring in the market.

In terms of strength, there are very few brands that can rival this pair. The pads are made with high-quality materials reinforced with high strength fibers to make them incredibly tough and durable.

They are thermally insulated to prevent screeching and eliminate noise. What makes them stand out is their ability to provide exceptional stopping power while ensuring quiet operation.

The pads are easy to install and doesn’t take much time. It’s extremely important you check their compatibility with your Harley model before you make your final decision.


  • Reliable quality
  • Easy installation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Great stopping power


  • Only suitable for Harley bikes

5. Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Brake Pads

Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Brake Pads for Harley Davidson

Another brake pad that promises superb stopping power for Harley touring models is the Foreverun FLHTCU.

These front and rear brake pads are made from high-quality Kevlar carbon that delivers excellent performance in any riding conditions. They are designed to last longer than most conventional pads and provide better heat distribution during braking.

With these pads, you get excellent stopping power that is not accompanied by noise or screeching.

They also offer fingertip control, which makes brake response more predictable.

If you’re looking for the perfect fit for your Harley bike, then you won’t go wrong with these pads. They fit just like the original Harley pads from the manufacturers, but they perform better.

In case you get any squeaky sound with the pads at first, don’t panic. Most times, the rotor in the bike’s brake will try to harmonize with the new pads. This is what produces the unwanted sound. But it should disappear after a little while.


  • Great stopping power
  • Better control
  • Great price
  • Gets rid of brake dust


  • Produces squeaky sound when first installed

6. EBC Brakes FA400HH Disc Brake Pad Set

EBC Brakes FA400HH Disc Brake Pad Set

EBC is well-known for having some of the highest quality pads in the market, and these include truck pads, car pads, and motorcycle pads. The FA400HH is one of their best motorcycle brake pads in the market right now.

Made with high-pressure die-cast aluminum, this brake pad set can fit almost any bike in the Harley touring series. They come with trimmed shoe edges that help to extend their lifespan and also protect the brake rotors.

Their selling point is in the incredible stopping power they provide, which is connected to their quality build and high friction.

As the name implies, they are rated HH, which is the highest any brake pad could possibly have. This rating is connected to the high level of friction they generate in all weather conditions.

Apart from the superb braking power, it also ensures the durability of the pads. So, you can rest assured you won’t be replacing the set any time soon.

Sadly, the pads can take some amount of effort and time to install. But notwithstanding, they are still some of the best brake pads for Harley Davidson touring.


  • Versatile
  • Works for all-weather
  • Reliable safety
  • Quality build


  • Installation can be a bit of a hassle

Features to Consider Before Buying

Although we’ve compiled the best brake pads in the market, there are few things to look out for before you make a final decision.

Let’s look at each one of them.

Construction Material

One of the major determinants of the performance of a brake pad is the material it’s made from. You want a high-quality material that will be able to deliver reliable performance and thermal stability in all weather conditions. It should also be something that doesn’t corrode.

Some materials may begin to fade after several uses due to high speed or overload. This lowers the pad’s stopping power and, thus, safety.

So, it’s a good idea also to choose a material that is fade resistant. This will ensure the brake pad is safe and able to last longer, even when used in extreme conditions.

Noise Production

Unlike some metal components of your bike, brake pads are not meant to be lubricated. However, sometimes a dusty pad may produce vibrations on contact with the disc resulting in squeals.

Luckily, not every pad does this. This is why the construction material and quality of the brake pad is important.

Rotor Type

It’s always a good idea to check out your rotor type before putting out your money for any brake pad. Not all brake pads work well with every rotor.

For instance, organic brake pads are best suited for stainless rotors or those of cast iron or steel.


Finally, make sure you get a pad that fits. The last thing you want is to get a brake pad that is not compatible with your bike. Even if the pads have the best quality, they will still be useless to you.
Make sure you check your bike’s manual to see what brake pads fit with your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a brake pad last?

There’s no exact answer to this question. The lifespan of a pad is dependent on a few factors, but the most important ones are the extent of use and riding style.

If you drive for long hours every day, then your pads will likely wear out sooner.

  • How do I know when I need to replace the pads?

Some brake pads usually come with wear indicators to indicate how much wear they’ve undergone. Others may have notches that once reached, make the pad no longer usable.

  • How do I know when my brake pads are due for replacement?

Don’t wait until your brake pads are completely worn out before replacing them. Make sure to look at them whenever you notice any lag in performance.

There are various signs to look out for – reduced friction, deterioration of the wear groove indicator, or longer braking time.

  • Do I need to oil the brake pads?

To prevent squealing, you need to apply some grease to the brake pad before installing it. This should be done on the rear surface of the pad. The pins should also be lubricated.

  • Where can I purchase these products?

To get any one of the items above, just click on the corresponding link, and you will be taken to the product page.

Final Words

Believe it or not, your brake pads are just as important as the brakes. And their role goes beyond just stopping the bike when you need them to.

Your safety on the road largely depends on the type of brake pad you have installed. This is why it’s vital to go for pads that suit your Harley bike and riding style.

Luckily, with our review of the best brake pads for Harley Davidson touring, you‘re well covered.
Feel free to settle for any of the pads on the list. They all rate high in terms of quality and performance.

Let us know if you have any more questions, and we will be glad to help.

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